UX Design
Visual Design

Tools used:

Google Analytics

The problem to solve

As the lucky daughter of a talented knitwear designer who has published a number of books, I jumped at the opportunity to build the book marketing website for her latest published work: The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting (published by Interweave, August 12, 2015). The website needed to quickly show an engaging overview of the book and quickly send people to Amazon or Interweave to purchase the book. 

I kept things simple with a responsive, single-page site and borrowed design elements from the publisher's cover art. The result was loved by both of the book's authors and by the publishing team at Interweave.

Wireframes & mockups

I used Sketch to quickly create the initial high-fidelity wireframe, outlining the single page design, before I began to write any code.


The result

After some modifications and the inclusion of a bookable promotional events section, Faina and Simona approved the design. The final product, shown here, was written in one simple, responsive, static HTML file (under 300 lines of code, including scripts), paired with one stylesheet. 

To help provide a space for the authors to communicate about the book with their readers, I set up simple Facebook and Twitter pages to showcase The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting in social platforms. 


Take a look

You can see the final product on