Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute

When I first joined Johnson & Johnson, I became a part of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute, the professional education and professional relations arm of LifeScan. In the wake of the bad economy of 2008, I was soon the only remaining marketer on the team.

I forged relationships with the commercial marketing team to demonstrate the importance of professional education to the business and our sales teams and launched the expansion and redesign of the Institute's online community in 2009 (and because budgets were tight, I had to design the site, myself โ€” my first true experience in web design). Because social media was still new and we were one of the few operating companies that had already started utilizing this medium, I played an integral role, along with our legal team, in shaping Johnson & Johnson's moderation and social media guidelines.

I include these screen shots not because they're my best product design work, but to acknowledge that this is how I learned to do what I love.

While working on the Institute, I also had the opportunity to develop our annual business plan, drive trade show strategy, craft sales force messaging, and design print collateral.