1. Corporate America Needs Better Computers

    I’m beginning to think that some people join startups just so they can use better hardware. Seriously, why do large corporations make their employees use the worst equipment manufactured a minimum of 10 years ago?

    I’m sitting on a plane trying to get some work done and can’t help but notice that everyone in the seats around me is using beautiful Apple products. I’m using a T61. I hope you don’t know what that even means. I’m getting jealous just by looking at my screen because I see the beautiful white-gray glow of the keyboard and the Apple brand mark in my periphery. I almost want to shout “I HAVE ONE AT HOME! I’M JUST USING THIS FOR MY DAY JOB! I SWEAR I’M NOT BORING AND LAME!”

    So perhaps I’m posting this as a plea to large corporations everywhere… Yes, you save money by giving people crap computers to work from, but I’d like to see an analysis done against man-hours spent on IT resources whose full-time job is to fix said crap computers, compared to the expense of not buying crap (T-anything) and instead getting non-crap (Apple).

    Yes, there are millions of employees that work for you, but perhaps they’d do better work, be more loyal, and maybe even be proud to work for you if they felt that they at least deserved hardware that gave them a little bit of joy (or, at the very least, worked for longer than a week at a time). Just a thought.

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